Outside Lun Infinus

"Even though we don't have a true day and night, we go through day and night cycles"


Due to the fact that the Lun Infinus station is located in space, there are no day and night cycles. However, they run on a artificial time system that alerts them when night has changed to day and vice versa. The day and night cycles add more tasks to complete and new locations to explore.

The day

During the day, D-Co 9 (as Coffee) are allowed to enter the Derelicts' simulations where they have to seek and destroy the virus.

A day is 10 minutes long.

The night

Since the Derelicts' simulations are locked during the night for diagnostics, the only option remaining is to leave the station and go find tokens of affection to bring them; each night, there is a limit of six items to collect and gather for the Derelicts. It is possible to leave by following the left arrow on the control room however, it is only possible at night.


  • Once a limit of six items have been retrieved during the night cycle, a small mini game will appear outside the Lun Infinus station. Several rows of Space invader like creatures move across the screen and shoot at you. Each time you kill one, you are rewarded with Bits. If you are shot, the night cycle clock depletes.