Subgames hud

The sub-games's HUD

Hmmm, this might be very useful. Try to find more of these panels if you can. This will grant us an even deeper level of access to the system ressources we need. Stand over it and press DOWN, I will enter the sub-system and see what I can do. There is a fissue inside of each of these, acting like an open wound for the virus. If we can find and destroy the fissue then we can gain more control of system resources. Be sure to check for walls that you can destroy or walk through!


Subgames attacked

An entrance panel, uncleared.

Sub-games are separate from the main story and act as a means acquiring Bits and Conditionals. Sub-games are accessed via Terminals found throughout each simulation. They appear as maze-like virtual worlds displayed in green scan lines, where you control an even more simplified digital version of Coffee followed by a white bunny. Three panels exist in each Simulation.


Subgames coffee

Coffee in the sub-games

Subgames rabbit

The white bunny

The goal in each sub-game is to find and destroy a fissure which is a large crack in the code. However, there are enemies that surround the fissure. They are impervious to attack and their shots shoot the direction you're in. The Fissure appears as a large orange crack.

Destroying enemies creates a patch of cabbage that the bunny will eat, converting it into bits. Inside the sub-games, there is also shopkeepers who will upgrade Coffee's weapon and other attributes. It is possible to upgrade how much bits the cabbage worth. An interesting aspect of the sub-games is that time doesn't pass there which makes them a great place to farm bits quickly.

At the top right corner of the screen, there is a red health bar with the number of collected bits under it (see above). If your health bar depletes completely, you will be returned to the simulation. You may enter the the Sub-Game as many times are you like.
Subgames cabbage

The cabbage left by the enemies.

Each time a room is entered it is possible to run into enemies. When this happens, a red boarder will appear and you cannot leave until you have defeated the enemies. The goal is to navigate the rooms, locating and destroying the fissure.

It is possible to leave the sub-games by pressing TAB or by walking over the square in the centre of the room that you arrived in.


Subgames enemy
Each sub-games has different enemies which are red skeletal shapes. Some of them shoot and can move around while some others are static. When an enemy is in the room, a red electrical boarder appears around the room and it is impossible to leave until the enemy is destroyed.

After destroying an enemy, it leaves a cabbage that has a value of four bits (without any upgrades). It is possible to encounter yellow skeletal shapes which act like a mini boss. They can shoot 3 bullets at a time and once defeated, leaves 3 cabbages.

Subgames electricity

The electric barrier that shows when you encounter an enemy/enemies to prevent the player from leaving.


Subgams shopkeeper

The shopkeeper

In each sub-game, there is a shopkeeper who is hidden behind a breakable or a walk-through wall. It sells various upgrades which are:
  • Digital Muffin for 10 bits (gives a full health bar)
  • Weapon Power + for 100 bits (increase the weapon's damage)
  • Weapon Distance + for 100 bits (increase the weapon's distance)
  • Cabbage Value + for 500 bits (increase the cabbage's worth)

Breakable and walk-through walls

Each fissure and shopkeeper is hidden behind a breakable or walk-though wall.

They are impossible to distinguish without shooting or walking through them. However, the breakable walls are always horizontal and ones that can be walked through are always vertical.
Subgames clear

The Sub-Games cleared.


Subgames fissure

Boss Fissure.

The fissures found in the sub-games act as open wound for the virus of the simulation. Each sub-game has one which must be destroyed. It is always hidden behind a breakable wall or walk-through wall and guarded by skeletal faces that cannot be killed.

Once you find the fissure, destroy it while dodging the bullets from the skeletal turrets. After destroying it, you are rewarded with a conditional that can be customized with Boxcar the robot. The entrance panel becomes blue instead of red; marking that the fissure has been destroyed.



The Sub-Games, also known as Grinding Zones.


  • The sub-game's mechanics are similar to the dungeons of The Legend of Zelda and The Binding of Isaac.
  • The sub-game in The Desolate hope is visually similar to The Desolate Room's Console, although the consoles graphics comprise of coloured blocks and not vector graphics.
  • The fact that D-Co 9 is using Coffee's CPU to enters the simulations gives him a unique perspective. The sub-games looks like a video game because of this.