Simulations act as the plat-forming component of The Desolate Hope. Here you can freely move, defeat enemies, collect boosts, interact with friendly code, purchase items and purge viruses. You can also access the Sub-game.


The game takes place on an unknown planet that is being tested on whether it can sustain human life. Five different groups of scientists were interested in colonizing the planet if the human race needed, so they sent five different A.I.s to the Earth's surface, each of them programmed with a different vision of colonization, as a plan to emigrate the human race for it's livelihood.

Current simulations

Four out five Derelicts run their own simulation, each as unique as themselves. The fifth Derelict, Amos, broke down before he could launch his.


Alphus' simulation is Alphon Domes


Bio-Beta's simulation is Betagrid 0.9


Malenz' simulation is Malwastes


Mirad's simulation is Miradmoore

Amos' Simulation


Amos' simulation was planned to be Theta. Coffee adopted this simulation in order to sustain the life of Sample 217.