All that I lack is the spark of life. All I seek is the final piece to the greatest puzzle of life. Sample 217 is that piece.

— Bio-Beta about Sample 217.

Sample 217 is one of the major plot points found in the Desolate Hope. Throughout the game, each of the Derelicts mentions the mysterious sample; one of 532 samples sent from Earth to the Lun Infinus Station. According to Mirad, she senses that someone else is on the station. According to Bio-Beta, the sample went missing not too long ago, and he believes that Coffee may have something to do with it. During his adventures, D-Co 9 also comes across several pieces of data meant for organic life support in a simulation.




Sample 217

After the defeat of Viren-4.0, D-Co 9 finally realizes that he has been fighting the Lun Infinus anti-virus systems, with Coffee revealing that the D-Cos were all viruses to the station, before telling the story of Sample 217.

Sample 217 is actually a female human embryo sent from Earth in an unmanned science capsule. As Bio-Beta descended into his beliefs that humanity was gone and that he must create a new race of humans, he used Sample 217 as a lab rat by harvesting the embryo for cells to create his own humans via the capsule in his room. However, these clones, regardless of their integrity, always came out lacking sentience. By the time Coffee discovered Sample 217, it was near the end of its short life due to Bio-Beta's relentless harvesting of its cells.

The Fifth Simulation

Coffee stole Sample 217 from Bio-Beta and concealed it in Amos's room, before freezing the chamber to preserve the embryo while constantly returning to the room to check up on Sample 217. Soon, Coffee began to enter the simulations of the Derelicts to steal pieces of data for a new goal the activation of Amos's Theta simulation to create a utopian world for Sample 217 to live in alongside Coffee's own human avatar. However, during his data mining, Coffee was caught and locked out of the simulations by the Lun Infinus anti-virus programs. To fight back, Coffee created the D-Cos to fend off the station defenses, but each one wound up destroyed or decommissioned by Coffee himself. In order to make sure that he could aquire all the needed resources for the simulation, Coffee modified the station's mission and took Mirad's sleep-mode activation key to buy himself some time to collect simulation data.

Disguising the station defence signature as a hostile computer virus, Coffee sent D-Co 9; the last D-Co, to purge the defence programs in each simulation, followed up with the station's "right-hand man", Viren. With the destruction of Viren, however, the station took to its final measures of defence. The Lun Infinus' ultimate protector; PULSAR, discovered the location of Sample 217 and the Theta Simulation, and prepared to perform a system restore; completely erasing all the station's data to an earlier point in time, destroying the Theta simulation, and likely letting Sample 217 fall back into the hands of Bio-Beta. With the pleas of Coffee, D-Co 9 fought and destroyed PULSAR, causing the station network to enter emergency shutdown. Hoping that he did the right thing, D-Co 9 is deactivated and Coffee reroutes the station's power supply to the Theta Simulation and transfers his own system to the simulation in order to join Sample 217.


Seven years later, the station has long since been shutdown, with the Derelicts finally offline after tireless years of running their simulations. All that remains is the Theta simulation, housing the avatars of Coffee and the one thing he devoted so much to protect and supply a childhood to: Sample 217. The game ends with the two sitting on a hill looking at the moon, hand-in-hand.



  • The flower obtained after a virus battle is seen in the final cutscenes, in Sample 217's hair.