"I have created a reservoir of memories, a quiet and celestial haven for whatever may be left of them."

Mirad describing what she intented to do.

Miradmoore typeface

Miradmoore is Mirad's simulation. Unlike the others, whose effects were ultimately suppose to be used in the physical world, Mirad had decided to turn her's into a sort of afterlife for humanity, thinking that they're still around, if not in the flesh. She tried to create individuals to live in her simulation, but they never last more than a few seconds before slipping back into the code. Her ultimate goal is a hope that if she creates a few individuals, then maybe one day, one that she did not create will show up.

Miradmoore can be described as a serene and spiritual place. It is always twilight or dusk in the sky, with a large blue moon watching over the land. In the background, there is a human sitting in the Lotus position, who creates an image of meditating. Lampposts line the street, providing a low light source. In the background there are many arching bridges and trees.

Miradmoore is divided into two sections, street level and an underwater passage.

The pavement


The pavement boarding the water

D-Co9 begins at the far right of the path on street level. It is littered with wooden benches and lamps, and has two different types of fungus growing out of the ground. It is also "occupied" with transparent, purple people. However, as Mirad has yet to perfect her program, these are just echoes of what a real person could be. If spoken to, the person will express confusion of where they are, before fading away and returning into code.

Mirad is at the far left of the screen on street level, floating beside a bench. Boxcar is roughly in the middle of it.

The gaps between the streets provide the only means of getting into the waterway. Some places in the Waterway can only be accessed by different gaps (when flagging a virus that is underwater, Coffee tells you which gap you need to go down in order to reach it).

The waterways



The biggest part of Miradmoore, and the most intricate. The difficulty of moving around is dependent on whether you have purchased the Water Boots or not. If not, then the only way to climb up is to use the cylinders as a platform. If you do have water boots, then D-Co 9 is able float up at any time, just by holding down the jump key. This can be used to get to separated platforms that contain valuable objects, like a terminal or hack chip.

Fish like creatures can be seen swimming in the background at times. More disturbingly, you may come across a purple person who is slowly sinking, making it appear as if they was drowning. Touching them will cause them to slowly disappear.

Attacked data

  1. After the first attack: A synaptic transfer program for interfacing a human with a simulation.
  2. After the second attack: A supplementary growth subroutine that allowed a created entity's consciousness to be partially supported by hardware.
  3. After the third attack: A solution Mirad had secretly developed so the Derelicts could enter their Sleep mode.
  4. After the last attack: The large blue moon of the simulation.

The lotus figure in the background of Miradmoore


  • The music that plays in Miradmoore is Cracking the Code by LynneMusic.
  • The typeface of the title is Edwardian Script ITC.
  • The name of the simulation is based on both Mirad's name and the term of Moore's Law.
  • It is the only simulation where you can encounter Uunom, who you can purchase the fourthsight and hacking ability.
  • Negmanity is the virus found in Miradmoore.
  • On this simulation, there's one "free" Hack Chip. Also can be bought from Payload or Jed Med.