Malwastes typeface



A doll house in Malenville

Malenville is Malenz's personal haven. It is a small town located within a dome in the Malwastes, Almost similar to

the Alphondomes . Malenville has green grass and other plant life such as trees and flowers lining the side of the path. Buildings appear in the background along with their denizens waving in the distance. Very large toy-like men stand static in the background; they appear to be one of the largest things within the town, standing higher than the buildings. Clothes lines hang from the ceiling and a small train occasionally moves across the screen. On the far left of the screen, Malenz resides. He lives in a small log cabin where he has given himself the role of toy maker. Everything in Malenville seems to resemble wooden toys.

The Wastes

The Wastes contain two levels, the lower and upper. Here you can find various enemies as well as Boxcar, located on the lower level to the left of the screen. Elevating platforms take you to and from each level, including the Mines. The fourth Virus can be found toward the middle of the screen on the upper level, underneath the main platform. It can only be reached with the Hoverpack.


The background screen of Malwastes

The Mines

The mines are found at the lowest part of the screen in the Malwastes. Many large penetrable pillars of blocks impede progress through the path as well as falling spike traps and various enemies. Two of the viruses can be found in the mines, one on the far left of the screen and the other hidden within a pillar of blocks.

The background of the mines.



  • The music that plays in Malwastes is Ang Kahora.
    • However, not the whole song gets used, as you can tell when you listen to it from the link above.
  • The typeface of the title is Consolas.
  • Due to Malenz' fascination in collecting toys, Malenville reflects this by appearing as a toy like world.
  • There is a large robotic structure in the background of Malwastes that many people believe resembles Freddy Fazbear from Five Nights At Freddy's, one of Scott Cawthon's other games.
  • Terro Totik is the virus found in Malwastes.
  • Leaves can be seen blowing across the screen as you walk the Malwastes. These are a commonly reused feature in other ScottGames titles such as The Desolate Room, Iffermoon and Five Nights at Freddy's 4's title screen.
  • The name Malwastes is based off the word Malware andwaste