Here is a full transcription of Malenz' lines from The Desolate Hope.

First encounter in Lun Infinus:

"Hmmm, a new version. I will grant you access. Hopefully you will succeed where the others have failed. Step closer to the access point."

First encounter in his simulation:

Welcome to Malenzville. This is where my real life is. The only home anyone can ever truly have is the home they build within.

My task, like the others, was to run simulations for possible human development on this planet. We don't even know where we are. Thousands of light years from Earth perhaps.

Each of us was designed by a different team of scientists, hoping that each of us would have different simulations, and different 'ideas.'

They gave us the most advanced intelligence that technology would allow. We needed to be able to think on our own to accommodate unpredictable circumstances.

That may have been our downfall, however. Humans should know that the more intelligence you bestow upon a creature, the more futile life seems.

I was the realist. I wanted my simulation to be exact. I wouldn't falsely create anything! I started from scratch, down to the simulated miners mining simulated ore!

I spent years laboring. I watched generations of robotic miners come and go. The ruins surround us outside. It took me far too long to realize the truth of it all.

You are here, you exist, for the sole purpose of fighting the inevitable reality that the world that created you wants to kill you.

Stop fighting the fight and join us. The virus? I can only imagine it must have something to do with the never-ending efforts of the other Derelicts.

When they cease their efforts, I feel that the virus would disappear. If you still wish to find it however, I sense it is in the underground tunnel."

After the first virus fight:

I suppose I should thank you for saving a small piece of my simulation. As much as I would like to ignore it, the virus poses a threat to everything I've created here.

It is an unfortunate reminder that there is no escape from the bitterness of reality. The womb that bore you can find you wherever you hide, and it will kill you.

Despite your efforts the virus still managed to rip something from my simulation. I'm not sure what it was. I just sense that it's gone.

It seems the harder you tried to fight it, the more damage it was able to do. It seems to be matching your efforts, which goes back to my theory of leaving it alone.

I also sense something unsettling. I sense that somewhere our network is connected to a biological organism of some sort. No doubt Bio-Beta and his bizarre experiments.

After the second virus fight:

It seems that the breakdown of my world is inevitable despite your best efforts. The more it takes from me, the more I can sense its presence, its intentions.

It's strange, though. It's not hostility. It's panic. It's anxiety. There is anger... something was wounded... flesh torn... ripped apart... I can't make sense of it.

As strange as it may sound... I also sense a great amount of love, as though the other feelings all stem from it. It is overwhelming.

After the third virus fight:

I must apologize for the poor condition of my simulation. The virus has taken it's toll. I think it's time that you cease your quest and find peace with your own existence.

It's very unusual of me to do so... but I have been reading the system resource tables from Lun Infinus. There is a fifth simulation running somewhere in the station.

Only Amos' hardware was capable of this, but he is deactivated. All I know is that pieces of us are being stolen and absorbed into this new creation.

If you do not find it and destroy it, everything ends. Our mission will fail.

After the last virus fight:

My system is compromised, and so is the station. You have failed.