If PULSAR the final anti-virus boss has been defeated, Coffee will deactivate Co-9 and transfer Coffee's soul into the 217 sample simulator in Amos' room, before doing this, He will use all of the facility's power to activate it and use all of the infected systems to finish what the derelicts deserve including sleep mode and also use the remaining infected items to create the Theta simulation. All was lost in Lun Infinus after 7 years except the 5th running simlator. In Amos' station, you can also see Coffee's mechanical body disabled and the coffee pot smashed. The little spider still survives in the station.

The Message

Before the ending, D-Co 9 and Coffee have their final words.

"Seven years later...

You will never receive this message little one. No one will ever know what took place here. No one will remember us. This message will roam the stars long after we are gone. Maybe you are out there somewhere. I would like to think so. You will never know that we existed... ...but you did exist.

I wanted to give your life meaning. I wanted to give your life purpose. I wanted to give you a childhood, and maybe get to experience a childhood with you. I know that my efforts will fail. I suppose I've always know that. But I wanted to tell you that it doesn't matter. You already had meaning, little one. You meant something to me. You gave my existence a purpose.

You did exist. Your life was important, as small as it was. I wanted to give you a childhood, but it was never meant to be. But still... I can't help but hope that somehow I was successful.

Only you could know.

Was I successful, my little one?''- Coffee

The Scene

After you beat PULSAR, you will see a cut scene of Coffee's plan actually work. When you do, we see what the Theta Simulation looks like, and Coffee running with Sample 217. After that, you see the full view of Lun Infinus and the stars shining (with a shooting star) and pictures of the tale of Coffee meeting Sample 217. It also shows a panel of the derelicts in sleep mode, and then it says "MISSION: SUCCESS", and Sigfried is seen crawling on the screen. Near the ending of the scene, you see Coffee and Sample 217 holding hands while looking at the moon.

The Credits

After the scene, the words "The Desolate Hope" show up and the digital grid that you fight the viruses in.

It will show you who it was created by and the Beta testers. Then, all the viruses are shown full body (except Dummy's revenge). The ranking is Easiest to Hardest. Then, it shows Coffee walking. At the end, it says "Thanks for Playing!" and the time you completed it.


  • The subgames rabbit and cabbage are seen in the credits
  • The same music as Dummy's revenge is heard throughout the credits.
  • Coffee and Sample 217's avatar are seen throughout one of Scott's other games, "The Pilgrim's Progress: The Video Game" are seen multiple times.
  • The message by Coffee was pre-recorded at the beginning of the game before D-Co 9 interrupted.