Many years ago, Earth sent several unmanned science vessels to planets in various parts of the galaxy. (I guess it was a popular idea at the time). The mission was simple- To carry out simulations for future human habitation. Upon landing, the vessel built itself into the spation you saw, the Lun Infinus. Inside were five autonomous mobile simulation machines, called Derelicts. They were created by the top scientific minds of their time. As the years went by, I suppose Earth lost interest. They stopped sending supplies and we stopped receiving communications. Maybe they found a more suitable planet elsewhere. The Derelicts' simulations were never meant to be running for this long and there have been... unexpected side effects on both the simulations and the Derelicts themselves. Our mission remains the same however- To aid the Derelicts so that they can fulfil their mission.

—Coffee about the Derelicts.

The Derelicts are characters from The Desolate Hope.

The Lun Infinus station contains five sentient computers called Derelicts. They were built with certain levels of mobility in the case of emergency or need for relocation. Each of those were built to formulate their own plan for colonization based on thousands of hours of simulations. However, the simulations have become very elaborate and bizarre as time passed.

Appearance Edit

Each Derelict was built by a different team of scientists and all sport a unique look. Alphus is very geometric in shape and is primarily blue in colour. He features mainly square shapes such as television screens. Malenz is spider like in appearance and his main colours are black and red. Like Alphus, Amos and Bio-Beta, he shares a grid/grate like mouth. Bio-beta is silver and green in appearance. His body is compiled of mainly tubular like appendages which make him resemble something like an octopus.

Mirad is the only feminine looking Derelict. Her main colours are silver and pink and she sports a doll-like face plate with black sclera and white pupils. Her general shape is much more feminine as her mid section is smaller and mimics the female form. She has four arms but no legs and has two pointed structures on her back that resemble wings. Amos is similar in appearance to Alphus in that both of them are geometric in shape. Amos is silver but takes on a white appearance because of the cold conditions he has been living in. His torso and pelvis are adorned with stalactites and has a valve and small display that usually reads ERR but reads PWN in battle on his chest. He has two arms and two legs and is the only bipedal Derelict and is deactivated throughout the game.

Role in the Lun Infinus space station Edit

The Derelicts role on Lun Infinus is to run simulations on supporting and colonizing human life if Earth had become uninhabitable. The Derelicts job is to formulate their own plan for colonization based on thousands of hours of simulations within a five year period. However, 30 years have passed since the last transmission from Earth and the simulations have grown very elaborate and bizarre.

Notable Derelicts Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In The Desolate Room, there are three other Derelicts which have been destroyed by a virus. Their names are Defect, Derelict and Tool. There is also a fourth Derelict called Alphus and is the same Alphus in The Desolate Hope albeit not broken down and more updated and has a similar design.