Are You Looking for Dummy's Revenge? The Secret boss located here?


The central control room

"Don't freak out! You are in the central control room of the Lun Infinus space station."


The central control room is the central hub and where the game begins. It is a large room filled with screens displaying various numbers and text. There are two accessible terminals, The Combat Simulator and The System status screen.

Functions available

In the central control room, it is possible to have access to the system status terminal which displays the name of each simulation and how many infected items remain, Energy distribution, Resources recovered and how many days worth of power there is for Lun infinus.

It is also possible to participate in a Combat Mode simulation in which the digital representations of the Derelicts fight against a target dummy.


The flashing arrow on the right leads to the Lun Infinus corridor with the Derelicts' rooms. At night, the flashing arrow on the left leads to outside where Coffee can pick up Relics for the Derelicts as well as various resources.


  • On the main display, the names Braden, Ian and Scott Cawthon can be seen. Braden and Ian are Scott Cawthon's children.
  • Occasionally, Siegfried The Spider can be seen on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Once the game has been completed, accessing the Combat Simulator takes you to a secret Virus battle, Dummy's Revenge.