The Console is a gameplay element of The Desolate Room.


On the island, there is a console in which the player controls a blue avatar and navigates it through a virtual maze to the next boss. There are three types of enemies that appear here: Green enemies that can simply be destroyed by shooting them (touching these will take away one life bar, but nothing more) ,red enemies that move across the screen and a final boss enemy which is often found stationary and blocking an exit, these too are red but appear much larger. The red enemies can be killed by shooting them in the console, but if they touch the player, they will be drawn into the virtual arena and a battle with commence. Large red boss enemies cannot be shot with the player's weapon. They can only be killed by touching them, then defeating them in a virtual arena battle.

There are different types of power-ups that normal enemies can drop while in the console. Large red pellets gives an additional life container, small red pellets fill a life container, green and yellow pellets gives both a better advantage in the player's next virtual arena fight. Green pellets gives an additional charge point at the start of battle to the party; yellow pellets gives an additional speed advantage at the start of the battle. If the player enters a battle with both his charge and speed bonus bars full, all four of the characters will get an immediate turn at full charge. He can also always logoff the console using F12 to find eggs that will give him speed and charge bonuses as well. Also, killing enemies in the console rewards the player with small token bonuses.Both Yellow Speed Bars And Green Charge Bars Will Empty After A Battle,But The Red Hp Bar Upgrades Are Permanent.

As you progress through each section of the console, the background colour changes, stronger enemies can be encountered and the background music (piano keys) becomes more erratic. The final area of the console appears red with skull shapes appearing in place of the random plant like shapes from the other areas. Enemies from all previous areas appear here, including previous boss enemies. The music changes to a more synthesized space like sound.



Inside of the Console