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First Male programming
Second Coffee maker
Third Now deactivated
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Fourth Also appears in The Desolate Room and FNaF World
My CPU is more advanced than yours (that's an understatement), which is why my CPU is needed to help with the simulations and other tasks.
— Coffee to D-Co 9.

Coffee is the main protagonist of The Desolate Hope.

He is an autonomous service robot designed to tend to the needs of nearby humans (including delivering hot coffee) in the Lun Infinus space station. He has been self appointed as a last minute maintenance bot for the Derelicts and still carries hot coffee (because he is programmed to). He dedicated his CPU to D-Co 9 so the latter could interface with the Derelicts and have full access to their system.


As his name suggests, he is a small coffee machine carrying coffee in a large pot with a handle. Since he was designed to move and walk around in the station, he has been given arms and legs. He has four prongs on the top of his optics which imitate eyelashes and has a long antenna on the back of his head.

The Desolate Room


Coffee's model in The Desolate Room

Coffee is also the main protagonist of The Desolate Room.

In this game, he wakes up on a small deserted island and tries to find out what took place here more than a century ago. On the same island, he finds four broken robots which are Alphus, Tool, Derelict and Defect. It is implied that they broke down a long time ago because of a mysterious virus which they still have in their system. On the island, there is a strange signal coming from under the ground ; to find out what it is, Coffee must befriend these old broken robots and play with their memory chips via a working console to fight what had previously destroyed them.


In The Desolate Room, his appearance is much simpler and geometric. He is predominantly white and has less buttons and colors, as well as lacking an antenna. The coffee pot he is carrying is emptier than it is in The Desolate Hope.

Real mission in TDH

After overcoming the four virus attacks in each of the derelicts simulations, D-Co 9 detects a huge power surge located in Amos' old room and alerts Coffee that another attack is happening there. D-Co 9 finds out that the virus they were fighting all along was in fact an anti-virus program. This anti-virus protocol was meant to prevent anyone from stealing the data of the simulations.

Coffee reveals that the only virus here is D-Co 9 himself. Coffee created him so he could steal pieces of data from the simulations without being caught by the antivirus program (who had already caught him in the past). The stolen data were meant to build a new simulation for the growth of Sample 217. In order to sustain Sample 217, he planned to deprive the entire station of its power, only to dedicate the remaining energy to the simulation that he created. Depriving the station of power also meant that Coffee would have to shut himself down after the annihilation of the last antivirus protocol , PULSAR.

Finally, Coffee deactivates himself and does the same to D-Co 9 after the last fight. Before doing so, he puts all the Derelicts in their sleep mode by using the secret program that Mirad created, implying that he stole this data as a part of his plan. Coffee is last seen slumped against a wall with his coffee pot broken.


  • In The Desolate Room, Coffee is obsessed with eggs. The game opens with him, searching for some eggs to feed Alphus. A part of the gameplay consist of collecting eggs around the island and chips that increase his egg-finding skill. It could explain why the enemies always drop colored eggs in The Desolate Hope.
  • Coffee's eyes vary more or less according to his moods and can be half closed (even fully closed) when he is angry or desolate which implies that they aren't static.
  • It is known that Coffee stripped all the station to find a new circuit board because he needed help with his daily tasks. He found it in an old preinstalled game in the station computer and created D-Co 9 with it.
  • Coffee was intended to be an easter egg in Jonochrome's 'One Week at Flumpty's' before the game got cancelled. (1)
  • Scott Cawthon recently posted a picture of FNAF World's Update 2 where we can see Coffee, hiding behind other characters. (2)
    • It was later revealed that Coffee will be playable In FNAF World, as shown on FNAF World's Indiedb page. (3)