Here is a full transcription of Alphus' lines from The Desolate Hope.

First encounter in Lun Infinus:

"Automated message: System resources dedicated to simulation. Come back another time please."

First encounter in his simulation:

Ooo, you're here! It's always so much fun to get to meet you again. You're always so interested in my Alphondomes! I know you don't remember me of course.

This is actually our ninth meeting! Can you believe it? You are Coffee's top secret anti-virus project! He's attempted this several times and each time you get better!

You are D-Co 9, or- Digital Counterpart 9. Coffee has been stripping the station down looking for old CPUs to program better versions of you! I think he found a winner this time!

You are built around an old video game CPU I hear. I think that will give you a unique perspective on things when fighting the virus! I have high hopes for you!

Here is some advice though... Keep your mouth shut. Don't ask too many questions. The virus killed off the first three D-Co's but Coffee himself shut down the last five!

Well, go do your thing. I can sense the virus is here already. We will speak again soon.

After the first virus fight:

Well done in fighting off the virus! I'm afraid the virus is one step ahead of you. Even though you fought it off successfully it still managed to steal data from my simulation.

One of the reasons you are here is because Coffee wanted to attack the virus from two fronts. He was unable to find and defeat the virus by himself, so he made you.

You both make quite a team! He finds objects under attack by the virus and flags them for you, then you seek out and destroy the virus!

Brilliant! Coffee has always taken such good care of us. If it weren't for him we would have all broken down years ago. He was never designed to perform these tasks.

My simulation is under attack again. When will these attacks stop? Eventually there will be enough power left for one simulation. You know that, right?

My simulation is the last one dedicated to the original mission, you know? My Alphondomes design is perfect for human habitation in any environment.

While Malenz makes toys, and while Mirad chases ghosts, and while Bio-Beta obsesses over some bio-samples, I've been here working on my mission... our mission.

If you eventually have to choose which simulation to dedicate all available resources to, I hope you would realize that this is the only real choice you have.

After the second virus fight:

You survived again! How delightful! I have confidence that you will solve this great mystery, and indeed it is a mystery...

Tell me, how are my fellow Derelicts handling this difficult situation? Resources are slim, our simulations are breaking down. I'm sure some of them are feeling desperate.

It is a shame that we all share the same energy and are connected to the same network. After all, if one wanted to, it wouldn't be so difficult to steal resources from one another.

Don't get me wrong, I know they all have the best intentions, but soon, it will be time for difficult choices. We cannot continue to operate this way. Something must happen.

I'm sure it would seem suspicious if one simulation were to gain power while others lost power. There would no doubt be a way around that of course. A fifth simulation.

I'm afraid in the end we will be at your mercy. An obsolete game chip will decide the future of humanity. I hope you're up to this.

After the third virus fight:

I have renewed faith in you! Forgive me for what I said before. I don't believe the other Derelicts would do me harm, even if we do believe in different futures.

The truth is that Amos and I were the most similar. We both had faith in the mission. It's just a shame that Amos broke down before he was able to create his vision.

Coffee visited Amos' room very frequently before you were activated. I guess he also cared for Amos. He keeps the room so cold, I suppose in an attempt to preserve him.

Surely he must know that keeping a machine cold doesn't preserve it. We are not organic, after all. He must simply not know what else to do.

I feel so sorry for him. He is always so busy and so dedicated to his own little mission. I never knew he cared so much! (I hope he doesn't refrigerate me as well).

After the last virus fight:

I'm afraid that my simulation will not survive. The future now rests in your hands. I have faith in you, and in Coffee. Coffee lived a somewhat dull existence until recently.

He would just spend his days rummaging through old science pods. Suddenly he had a sense of purpose like I'd never seen before! He must really believe in our mission!

I know you and Coffee are doing everything you can to help us. Good luck, friend.