I know you don't remember me of course. This is actually our

ninth meeting! Can you believe it?

— Alphus to D-Co 9.

Alphus is one of the Derelicts of the Lun Infinus space station and is a character from The Desolate Hope.

He is the last of the Derelicts to remain faithful to the original mission. His simulation is focused on creating habitable and sustainable environ-domes that reach up from the surface and support a large variety of life.


Back alphus

Alphus's back

His head, face and body are geometrical with blue being his dominate colour. His eyes are two green squares with cross-hairs for pupils. He has two spiral cones on the side of his head and two light bulbs on top. Spiral cones also sit on his shoulders as well as varying shapes of metal wire. He has a rather neutral face that shows no specific emotions. The upper part of his body is composed of static TV screens, a meter with a moving needle and a few colored buttons. The lower half is decorated in coloured buttons, vents and four light bulbs similar to those appearing on his head. It seems that he is still able to move since he has four large wheels as feet.

Generally, he has an imposing appearance and appears to be the tallest Derelict of Lun Infinus.

His station in Lun Infinus

Alphus' room is predominantly blue and with colours reflecting a steel type look. Going along with his design, there are Television screens scattered in the room as well as buttons, meters and light bulbs similar to those on his body.

Various cables hang from the ceilings and walls as well as littering the floor. Two skylights are situated on the roof acting as the primary light source of the room.

In the combat mode


Alphus's virtual representation

Info alphus

Like the other Derelicts, Alphus appears in combat mode to fight the virus. He starts the game with 150 HP.

His commands are:

  1. Charge: Gives more commands on your next turn.
  2. Wallop: A solid strike that also reduces the enemies charge meter.
  3. Proto Wall: A powerful shield that absorbs 100% of the damage from the next one or two attacks.
  4. Grid Turret: Creates a turret that will fire on the enemy for a period of time.
  5. Tazerpod: Creates a tazerpod that will shock the enemy and inflict SLOW.
  6. Counterbot: Creates a counterbot that will counter attack the enemy for a period of time.
  7. Med Beacon: Creates a medbeacon which will refill life as well as defend against certain status inflictions.
  8. Solar Ball: Creates three miniature suns which inflicts high damage on the enemy.
  9. LOAD Plook's: Loads the mini-game "Plook's Quest".



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  • Alphus has the highest HP out of all the Derelicts.
  • He stated that he was very similar to Amos before the latter broke down.
  • Alphus states that D-Co 9 and the previous versions of it were always interested in his simulation.
  • He appeared in The Desolate Room along with Coffee. In this game, he was helped by the latter after being deactivated for centuries.
  • Alphus' move-set is very similar to to the move set he used in the past (The Desolate Room).
  • The Tazerpod attack appears in Scott Cawthon's other games such as The Desolate Room and Iffermoon.
  • In another Scottgames title, Five Nights at Freddy's 4, the main room contains what seems to be a toy that vaguely resembles Alphus.
  • Alphus collects Snow Globes.
  • Alphus shares a similar silhouette to the character Gargamel from Iffermoon.
  • Both Alphus from The Desolate Hope and The Desolate Room are the only derelicts to appear in both titles, albeit with a few notable differences.
  • Alphus' character is significantly less intelligent in The Desolate Room.
  • Alphus is one of five characters from The Desolate Hope to appear in more than one game the other five being Coffee, Bio-Beta, PULSAR and Negamanity.